The first community about Content Intelligence

Content Intelligence is an editorial project by THRON.


It was conceived as the first community about Content Intelligence (that helps you get the maximum value out of content-generated data), but it also shares useful insights on how to best manage content and products in your company.


Our mission is to gather and share experience, skills and knowledge in order to help everyone working with content to gain the maximum value out of them.


Content Intelligence (or artificial intelligence applied to Content) helps brands to make their relationships with people ever more effective and to optimize the value of all company content, so as to:

  • Increase company productivity and efficiency

  • Protect brand consistency and intellectual property

  • Improve engagement and conversion rates




Who is it for?


The Content Intelligence Network is for those who are interested in using the data obtained from the utilization of content by users and in monetizing their value.

It is meant for all those professionals who deal with the production and use of digital content, and who want to shift their company’s focus, from the messages given out to the recipients of the communication.

Marketers, editors, digital mangers, e-commerce managers, IT, CEOs, sales managers, brand managers, event managers, PR managers, are just some examples of the professional figures that the Content Intelligence Network is aimed at.


The Editorial Team


The editorial team is made up of representatives from the content marketing and digital worlds who contribute to this new editorial channel, making their knowledge available to others. The aim of this Community is inspiring and giving useful hints to help companies achieve the Content Intelligence's benefits.

Our editorial team coordinates the Network’s daily releases, and anyone can publish or promote their own content. For further information, you can contact the editorial staff at team@contentintelligence.net.

Contributors & Partners


The Content Intelligence Network proposal by the THRON Founders has been welcomed by authoritative professionals, that have developed skills on this new discipline and have decided to contribute proactively to the initiative. These professionals want to share their knowledge and create a network of people around Content Intelligence.

Our website is non-profit and is supported thanks to the free commitment of participants, and thanks to support from partners who contribute to backing marketing initiatives with contributions aimed at guaranteeing the highest level of quality in the production of content, events and initiatives.