Black Friday: tips for maximizing conversions

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November 29th is synonymous with super sales all over the world since the 80s. For e-commerce it is an opportunity not to be missed: the income of an average day triples, but it can be up to seven times more than usual.
What tricks can you leverage to make the most out of Black Friday?
  • No magic, but Artificial Intelligence. It can suggest users the best products for them right away, based on their interests. If you own an online shop, there are more things to consider.
  • Flawless images. Not just beautiful to see, but uniform and optimized for any device.
  • Fast-loading web pages: if it takes more than 3 seconds, users will abandon the website without purchasing.
Want to know more? In this free guidebook we summed up the ways and tools to make Black Friday one of the most profitable days of the year.
Besides, who said you can't use this advice all the other days as well?

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