Brand reputation and Content Intelligence: the perfect match for your business

Eleonora Zaghis
Editor @Blog Ecostampa

The content on your company’s website is the best way to interact with potential customers.

In order to be prepared in the best possible way for that "moment of discovery" of your company by users, text and graphics must be studied carefully, in a way to bring out a coherent and authoritative message. The words, the images and the tone of voice you use (and the website’s speed as well, of course) are the main aspects to influence the fundamental decision every user must make: stay or leave.

Abandonment rate, as well as the user experience of those who chose to stay on your site, make up an important part of your brand reputation.

But how can you measure your true online brand reputation?

There's no such thing as a real gauge, but there are ways to assess your brand reputation, and what is being said about it on the web. Taking care of content on your own website is not enough, you have to extend your scope to the whole internet.

As a matter of fact, this aspect is often overlooked: as it happens, there might be some not very positive opinions about your company across different online platforms, and you can’t maintain a consistent image.


What can we do?


An infallible way to get a general overview of the situation is to keep track of different media platforms:

- Google

It is the most used search engine in the world and that’s where users will search for information. All the text in your website needs to be indexed for Google, but there’s more than that.

Here people will find your brand’s introduction, what your services and products are, which content is interesting for them; in addition to arousing their interest, all this will give more credibility to what you’re offering and what you want to sell.

Also, on Google it’s important not to lose sight of articles and news written by others about your brand.

Read them carefully and keep them up to date, to make sure that what they wrote is in line with the brand identity you're pursuing. 

Plus, it is essential to be aware of all those articles expressing criticism about your business, so that you can improve and make sure that those texts will be replaced, in the future, with content making you more authoritative in your field.

- Social Media

Social platforms are another place where users will look for everything about your brand: a new product, contacts, customer care and much more.

That’s why your social media accounts must be taken care of perfectly: images, texts and videos should have a unique and recognizable style, to be more easily remembered.

For this reason, it's important to rely on professionals who will be in charge of writing and creating visual content, as well as coming up with a strategy to grow your social pages. On these platforms, users can comment, leave opinions and reviews, use groups to compare their experiences.

All these insights must be considered, to form a picture of your online reputation.

Whenever there are negative comments or reviews, or if someone has concerns about your business, it is essential to be quick and reply to that person.

Keeping a positive attitude, ready to listen to user opinions and willing to improve, will be appreciated by your audience and will help you build integrity, consistency and authority

- Review sites

Though reviews can also be left on social media, reviews platforms where experiences can be shared are proliferating. 

Here again you must be extremely careful, because any opinion left unanswered can be interpreted by users as negligence of your company’s own image, or as an inability to react to criticism.

Moreover, you should answer in the same tone of voice you decided to use in the other communication channels. 

In this way, we can maintain a convincing identity that will inspire trust in our customers.

How to have control over all your channels?

Now that you know how to measure brand reputation, the question naturally comes up: is there a single place where you can group all your corporate content and measure the impact it is having online?

The answer is: yes, there is. Content Intelligence will help you.

By integrating it with tools such as Media Monitoring you’ll have constant control over the results of your brand reputation management.

With the support of Content Intelligence - and therefore of Artificial Intelligence - all your corporate digital assets will be found on a single platform, ordered and classified by tags. This ensures brand consistency, because every piece of content only exists in a single version, thus avoiding duplication in the publishing phase: you’ll provide a uniform and authoritative message, adapted to every destination channel.

By measuring the performance of published assets, over time Content Intelligence will help you create content that is increasingly in line with your users’ need and desires. Therefore, it will help you grow your authority and the ability to be found by search engines.

That’s why we can state with confidence that online content and reputation must travel on the same track.

This job requires precision, consistency and tenacity; and to make sure it is carried out easily and steadily, you’ll need a strong and innovative ally like Content Intelligence.