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At a time when brands are increasingly producing more and more content, Content Intelligence was created to help marketers get maximum value from content strategy and all content marketing initiatives.

Content Intelligence is the ability to analyze, thanks to the support of artificial intelligence, the data generated by the visualization of content consumed by users on company touchpoints (websites, e-commerce, mobile applications, social networks, in-store initiatives, ...).

From the experience gathered by the founders of THRON, strategic and digital consulting companies, communications professionals and brands that have applied it internally, comes this book - published by Wiley Inc. - to help marketers, editors, brand managers, content strategists, and sales managers understand how to quickly activate Content Intelligence and take advantage of its benefits, in order to convince your management that Content Intelligence is a worthwhile investment

By reading Content Intelligence For Dummies you will learn:

  • what Content Intelligence is and why it is useful for
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  • to measure the results