Welcome to the Digital Marketing Stage

Content Intelligence is the conductor of the corporate content orchestra

In today's digital world, brands have become publishers. They produce and publish content of all kinds to engage their audience, which is made up of customers and users. Therefore an expert tool such as Content Intelligence has become crucial for any company.

While, in the fashion world, magazines are becoming retailers with personalized ads and landing pages used for online purchases, stores are becoming influencers.

Net-a-porter, for example, has its own digital magazine. But, department stores like Macy's also have a story to tell during the customer journey, whether it be online or offline. This includes walking around the store, looking for that perfect dress for a special evening. Similarly, bloggers are increasingly behaving like brands, selling online services (webinars, consulting) or their own product lines.

No matter which of these scenarios you find yourself in, if you are a digital marketer, you'll still have thousands of pieces of content to manage and publish. Whether it's HTML pages, images, videos, photo galleries or audio files, it's not enough to just publish them.

Once they are visible on your channels, you need to analyze the data they provide to understand their performance among your users. Have people seen that video I spent weeks on and invested a large part of my budget in? Who exactly are those people? Did they like it?

In some cases, you may face the challenge in which your content far exceeds the resources you have to deal with it. It is as though you were an orchestra conductor who has to conduct thousands of musicians, each with a different instrument and sitting in a disorderly manner, without any logic. What music can you hope to make?

Marketers may therefore rightly fear that the amount of content they are producing themselves can damage both the brand and the customer experience it offers. But, perhaps they do not have the budget or the resources to govern the situation.

On the contrary, new software solutions are emerging on the digital marketing stage that do not just control content. They can also keep track of which pages have been opened (and which have not), which videos have been watched (and which have not), which photo galleries have been viewed (or otherwise), as well as the time visitors have spent on content, or the Calls to Action that they have responded to.

Websites are becoming more intelligent and the same can be said for all other digital corporate channels. Technology is here to help marketers address the situation and get more value from their content marketing activities. Content Intelligence is the conductor of the corporate content orchestra

You will no longer waste valuable time in curbing content confusion and will finally create symphony in your corporate communication.

Welcome. The era of Content Intelligence has begun


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