Content Intelligence to improve your media channels

Pietro Biglia
Digital Marketer @L'Eco della Stampa

Content is the foundation of any marketing strategy that is not structured exclusively on advertising.

If we talk about brands, it is difficult to entrust the entire corporate communication to such a changing and uncertain factor as advertising. For this reason, the best communication strategies of a company start from its customers’ business stories, and the world that inevitably revolves around their reality on the market.

The web, the press, radio, television, social media are inevitably already stuffed with success stories. We could define this as "background noise", and it becomes the number one enemy of every brand. How to fight it? How to stand out from the mass and attract the attention of people that are really interested in their business?

Of all the tools available, e-mail and websites are among the few that keep being truly reliable and independent. With a MailChimp account and a good customer base, it’s simple to create a priority communication channel with the users interested in staying up to date on new products or services. 

The safest way

But are we sure that this privilege will last over time? A particularly loyal customer today could find a new way to do the same thing tomorrow, and loose attention towards us.

Fortunately, there is a tool that allows us to adapt our content to the interests of our audience. It's Content Intelligence. If we stick with the digital area, Content Intelligence is the technology used to measure the influence that content has on user engagement.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence engines, we are able to analyze the performance of content through the interactions users had with it (such as buying a product, subscribing to a newsletter or reading one or more articles on the corporate blog).

In this way, by understanding how a piece of content has driven behavior (or hasn’t), we will know which topics and formats make users convert more. At that point, we can review and align our editorial strategy.

The most important thing is, all this happens without having to waste money in the production of content that has proven not to be effective, and this beyond the algorithms and rules that Facebook and Google impose for advertising.

Systems to introduce Content Intelligence in your marketing and communication strategy are already available: the best solution is to use an Intelligent DAM as a content management platform, which will automatically classify and optimize content. With it, you can work in a data-driven perspective, obtaining data on the interests of your audience out of content.

Alessandro Cederle of L'Eco della Stampa will discuss this topic in detail with Professor Roberto Marmo from the University of Pavia in a free webinar open to everybody (enroll here).