Good Content Intelligence Starts from Content Classification

Create the right taxonomy for your brand: download the guide

Classifying content (by tagging it) has many advantages.
Doing it with Content Intelligence has even more.

In fact, you can improve your content’s classification system, which means

  • making the content search system more precise;
  • improving the correlation between content;
  • collecting accurate and consistent data on individuals’ interests;
  • measuring the performance of the content you produce.


When dealing with a large amount of corporate content, it is normal to look for ways to organize it. This allows it to be searched for easily in a content management platform or on a website. The correlation that offers the user recommendations to move from one article to another, when on a blog, can also be based on classification.

Content Intelligence helps companies to obtain the maximum value from content: a correct taxonomy is an essential step to begin benefitting from it.


Why Is It Worth Reading This White Paper?


With this white paper, we want to offer you guidelines that your brand can follow in order to obtain maximum value from the content it produces.

By reading this white paper, you will learn how to

  • Create an appropriate taxonomy for your brand in just a few steps.
  • Tag contents quickly and correctly.
  • Collect data to obtain the benefits of Content Intelligence, i.e.,
    • Increase company productivity and efficiency
    • Protect brand consistency and intellectual property
    • Improve engagement and conversion rates


Download the white paper
to learn more!

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