Do you already have a DAM system or would you like one? Choose the Intelligent one!

Find out how you can multiply the effects of your DAM investment

You are Magic Johnson, president of the Los Angeles Lakers. Yours is one of the NBA teams with the highest number of games won. Still, that's not enough to get you to the top.

Even though you have a good squad of players, you need the top player. What do you do? Go get the best basketball player in the world, LeBron James.

Likewise, you need to have a DAM (Digital Asset Management) in your company to communicate effectively. With the proliferation of channels and devices, there is an increasing need for a central hub where quickly store, protect and retrieve digital assets of the entire company and dynamically distribute them to internal and external teams.

DAM is the future. This was also confirmed by a report by Markets and Markets: their market is expected to grow from 2.44 billion in 2017 to 5.66 billion in 2022, with an annual growth rate of 18.3%.

To fully enhance your content you need a DAM. Of course, this is understood. But if you have to adopt it, use one that is intelligent in nature because, in addition to being integrated with existing systems, it offers many more advantages than the traditional one. If you can have a LeBron James, why not use it?


What is an Intelligent DAM and how it can help you


The Intelligent DAM is equipped with AI algorithms that automatically classify content. You can find those categories on the platform in the form of labels identifying topics and conceptual links. But what is that for? Let's see it together:  

  • with this "rationalizing" intervention you will eliminate duplications and guarantee the uniqueness of your content: this means that you’ll avoid communicative dyscrasies on the various channels in which it is published; 
  • once populated with metadata and centralized on a single platform, your content is easily retrievable through the search engine, both within the DAM and in your front end channels: this saves you time and enhance productivity; 
  • the "labels" assigned to content enrich the profile of anonymous and known visitors who benefit from it: in this way you will have precious insights on leads and customers, and a new set of information to improve engagement and conversions; 
  • the DAM is equipped with a cloud infrastructure and comes in the form of Software-as-a-service (SaaS): with a pay-per-use business model you’ll find yourself relieved from hardware maintenance costs, absorbed by the cloud computing service; 
  • it is easily integrated with other systems already in use in your company, and the centralized nature of the platform helps creating collaborative workflows for the creation, storage and sharing of content. No more data silos.

The benefits of these types of solution are countless: as digital assets are stored and managed in a single place, which can be accessed online even from mobile, teams and stakeholders can work together to meet customer needs more quickly.


A best case: THRON


THRON is an Intelligent DAM and it is ranked by Forrester as one of the top twenty DAMs in the world. It has been designed and built on a modern, elastic cloud architecture using a range of AWS services, and it is provided via Saas, ensuring rapid do-it-yourself integration with third parties. 

THRON customers are happy customers because they have full control of their communication. In addition to centralizing, managing and classifying assets, the platform enables integrated delivery by automatically adapting content to the channel visited by the user. 

When a user comes by a piece of content, THRON measures its performance: understanding how content influences the conversion processes allows you to set up increasingly effective editorial strategies!