Create Effective Content That Wins People Over

I would like to talk to you from content strategist to content strategist.

It would be nice if we could be aware of the topics that interest our public in advance, wouldn’t it? Those that get them involved, that fascinate them. If we knew what they are looking for and what they want to find.

Writing content is not a trivial task, especially if it is part of your marketing strategy, especially, if it has to bring a measurable result. I’m thinking about engagement, about the percentage of returning visitors and the number of people who have responded to a CTA. You feel a heavy responsibility on your shoulders and, if nobody visits your blog, it will have been a waste of time and resources for you and your company.

Using the data that we can obtain from the content we produce, however, can

  • identify the subject matters that attract our public and
  • allocate resources

In other words, we can optimize the strategy to be followed in order to plan and produce content.

We will know, for example, which photos and videos to publish in order to obtain visits (and return ones) in all our channels following the so-called omnichannel strategy, a must that nowadays cannot be disregarded. We will then be able to concentrate our efforts on web content marketing – or on the production of other kinds of content – that will definitely be appreciated.

Thanks to Content Intelligence

  • Content acquires a truly strategic role within the strategy.
  • People are more satisfied by the content we offer them.


An Effective Content Strategy Created with Content Intelligence


Thanks to powerful Artificial Intelligence engines, Content Intelligence software analyzes the content – user interaction and collects information on the interests of potential customers, even if they are anonymous.


Thanks to the elaboration of all this information, we obtain valuable data to

  • Identify what works most, taking into account both the topic and the format. For example:
    • What brings most people to our e-commerce site?
    • What most convinces a user to subscribe to our newsletter?
  • Avoid showing the same post or product to the same person twice.
  • Understand beforehand which content to show them during future interactions.
  • Increase the return on investment (ROI) because the content itself becomes a source of useful information for the sales team.
    • You know what really convinces customers.
    • You always send the most appropriate CTAs.
    • You know what point each user is at on the buyer journey, to understand what you can offer them.
    • You move the user along the journey, getting them closer to the point of conversion.
  • Obtain an overall and consistently updated view on what the trending topics are.

This information will help us to redefine the editorial strategy, making it more effective.


How To Improve your Company's or Agency’s Content Strategy


How does all that translate into practice?

I will explain this to you as a content strategist who is testing out Content Intelligence on his own work.

I use the time I have available better and I channel my efforts toward activities that I know will produce results.

I know which content has led to user conversions. Or, which content has been visited often and which hasn’t. I get my inspiration from this to improve the next content.

At the beginning, of course, it was necessary to carry out some tests.

I began by getting the Content Intelligence software to analyze the content that I had already produced up until then, to acquire a basis of data to work on.

Then, the real adventure began.

Gradually refining the editorial strategy with the information I received from the software, but without ever stopping experimenting.

From the analysis of my articles, I often obtain very interesting information. Perhaps I discover that there are some underperforming topics, to which a small alteration (cutting it down?) would be enough to make it effective. Or, I understand that I should nurture formats (videos?) that I have never really targeted. 

I am sure that you too know how satisfying it is to see that your content has worked. I can tell you that, lately, our satisfaction rates are rather high.

And how does it work for people? It seems to me that they are satisfied too.

I write posts on topics that interest them.

Each time they visit our channels, they are then immediately recognized. Therefore, on each occasion, the person picks up their journey through the content where they left off. This occurs without them being “taken” back, to see things that they have already seen, or pushed towards something that is not (yet) suitable for them.


In other words, it is easier (and nicer) for everyone. But, this does not mean that your work is done or reduced to a copy and paste of the best article.

You must be so good as to get inspiration from what works best, giving it a new appearance (and substance) every time. In short, the creative phase is enriched with data that Content Intelligence provides you, but your creative side is still the essential part.

What is the reward for all this? A content marketing strategy that works.

Are you ready to get started?