FICO Eataly World, the Customer Experience revolution

Tiziana Primori
AD @FICO Eataly World

Several companies have not yet realized the real importance of Customer Experience. Yet it is the first distinctive asset of a brand, even more than product structural characteristics, such as quality or price. 

Last year, KPMG Nunwood International Center of Excellence on Customer Experience conducted research on an Italian sample of 5000 consumers, to identify the national best practices. Among the brands that, compared to the previous year, recorded a significant improvement in their CEE (Customer Experience Excellence Score) was Eataly (+3.97%). 

As KPMG reports, the winning strategy that led Eataly to increase its CEE Score was the innovation in Experience. Several aspects have contributed to the creation of a best CX, starting from coherence of the brand image in store: the content for digital signage, in fact, is managed by a single platform, the Saas DAM THRON.  

But there is much more to it than that. The well-known chain specialized in Made in Italy is on the frontline along with private companies that put together the necessary investments to create the FICO Eataly World project in Bologna, the largest agro-food park in the world dedicated to biodiversity and food processing. 

With two hectares of cultivated fields, more than 200 animals in its sheds and 2,000 cultivars, FICO goes beyond the concept of a sales store. Its exhibition spaces offer a memorable Customer Experience. Let’s uncover the secret of the success of its marketing strategies with CEO Tiziana Primori


Q: Good morning Tiziana! FICO is an agri-food park that tells the story of the gastronomic variety of Italian territories, and it is a part of the food experience market.  What Content Marketing strategies do you use to convey the value of the products and of the experience itself?  

A: FICO's Content Marketing strategy reverses the canon of food storytelling, made of strictly food-related content, focusing instead on the production chain, ranging from stories of Italian producers who have made our food among the most renowned in the world, to curiosities about our products. 

At FICO you can see how products are made, how they are transformed and how they arrive on our tables. The experience you live in the park is told on our web and social channels in a simple, informal language, Italian style. We understood the need of users to know more about Made in Italy Food avoiding the usual clichés, and we do so by offering quality content that we know can be interesting for our target audience


Q: The visitor's journey of discovery of Italian excellence is accompanied by sensory and interactive paths, also conveyed through digital signage. Why do you think it’s important to integrate physical and digital services?  

A: We live in a world where physical experiences merge with digital ones, and in many cases, digital extends and enriches user experience. We have the possibility of providing more information through all this media, so why not do it?