Find your tribes with Content Intelligence

Discover people’s passions and speak their language!

Have you ever read The Purple Cow by Seth Godin? I brushed it up recently and I found it still terribly relevant and inspiring, even after fifteen years.

Godin theorized the failure of the television industry, which has bombarded consumers with interruptive messages for decades: today saturation of content and a greater awareness of users, who are presented with more and more alternatives but less and less time to enjoy them, has led to a selection based on relevance.

That’s why the famous guru emphasizes a new way of spreading ideas: in order to stand out nowadays you must be remarkable, noteworthy. A brown cow doesn’t cause any surprise, but a purple one would.

To create this "wow" effect you need understand people's expectations and exceed them, giving them what they really want. 



The secret lies in singling out tribes, finding the otaku inside every user, a Japanese word that indicates an obsession, an itch you can’t help but follow as it tugs at the heartstrings of your buying instinct.

According to Godin, if you want to create a "virus" that spreads your message like an epidemic, you don't have to address the mass market but dedicate yourself to those small groups of people willing to listen to you. Selling an idea without an otaku community is nearly impossible.

That’s where Content Intelligence comes into play. Through AI, it is possible to monitor the "consumption" of content by users, allowing you to extract data on their interests. Someone said "Tell me what you read and I'll tell you who you are": nothing could be more true.

There are two steps in AI’s content processing: first, the algorithms of Machine Learning classify content semantically, identifying their topics with tags; then, those tags are also associated with the profile of any user (even anonymous ones) who came into contact with content.

This precious set of information can be integrated with the data we already have within our CRM, so it is easy to identify otaku communities based on their interests, and addressing them with personalized messages that are coherent with their passions.

Studies show that targeted advertisement is more welcome: on PMI-domes we can read that 67% of respondents consider it essential that content is customized according to their interests.

Radio RTL 102.5 is working in this direction: it uses THRON, a Saas DAM that integrates Content Intelligence, to offer a content schedule tailored to their interests. The results in terms of engagement are really positive: retention has increased by 620%, with an exponential growth of the value of commercial spaces.

Engaging content is big deal, we know that the right piece of content, conveyed at the right time of the buyer's journey, leads users to convert (and monetize). Imagine greeting a Star Trek fan in Klingon, the language spoken by the alien race of the series... They would follow you right away!

Say farewell to mass messages. With Content Intelligence you can satisfy every single user and make them feel part of the tribe!