Get to know your visitors with Content Intelligence

Try to imagine, for a second, a dashboard showing detailed profile information of the individual users who have browsed your content, as a starting point for automated and personalized marketing campaigns, based on the steps set in Contact Strategy and where a consumer is in the customer journey at a given time.

Come up with anything? Well, it sounds a bit like marketing nirvana, doesn’t it?  In reality, what I can say is that, with Content Intelligence (CI), namely Artificial Intelligence applied to content, a project like the one I’ve just described could be an integral part of the everyday business of your organization. 

But if you’re like Saint Thomas and want to see it to believe it, that’s not a problem.  Antonio Guarino, Head of Data Science and consumer insights at AKQA Italia, shared a practical example with those who attended the “value creation and Content Intelligence strategies can be measured” event. The case he discussed showed how much information can be obtained on individual and specific users through CI. 

This information, combined with CRM and collated in a dashboard, allows the brands gathering it to: 

  • develop a one-to-one contact strategy.
  • configure the recommender system based on information gathered over time to personalize the experience of all users across multiple channels, delivering relevant, useful content that will satisfy an explicit need at each part of a buyer's journey.
  • measure content performance and identify the formats and content which are most likely to be well-received by users (able to influence decision-making), with the aim of generating new and increasingly higher-performing content.

Technology, in this case the Artificial Intelligence engines underpinning CI systems, offers a unique opportunity to create a valuable customer experience which is delivered by providing relevant content over the right channels at the right time, as gleaned from the customer insights that CI can provide and constantly updated, to make sure you continually resonate with your consumers.


Contarini5, a practical example


The case study presented by Guarino, an Intelligent DAM demo offered by THRON - presents a multibrand e-commerce business in the fashion industry (CI can be used in any sector!) which was given the name Contarini5 to safeguard its privacy.  Guarino, who heads up data science at AKQA which, in turns, helps brands make themselves more data-driven, highlighted how Contarini5 uses a wholly Content Intelligence based approach to Content Marketing.  

On Contarini5’s dashboard (and of any company using CI), there is a single customer view for each user - on one side you see profile information (name, address, purchase history, payment method, lifestyle, etc.), on a “word cloud” with tags assigned to content that the user has viewed the most over a given period. These help us to understand, in real time, a user’s interests and to know at what step they are in the customer journey (if defined as “wandering”, it means they have visited the site but haven't yet been converted.)

CI gathers data on user interests which then allows us to analyze and measure the performance of all content in relation to user Calls to Action (CTA) (e.g. product purchases, newsletter registration, etc.)  What does that mean? CI tells businesses which content has turned a lead into a customer, or informs them on the issues and formats their audience prefers. Knowing if and how content has influenced purchase behavior is a valuable resource and can be used to shape editorial strategies that produce guaranteed results

Having such a detailed dashboard allows you to tailor automated marketing actions: when you know what stage a user is in the customer journey, and where his or her interests lie, Artificial Intelligence can increase engagement by choosing the most suitable content and personalizing the consumer experience.


Watch the extracts of

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