High Quality and technology transfer: successful Made in Italy

The OZ Racing case

Lerrj Piazza
Marketing Manager @OZ Racing

Made in Italy is one of the most famous brands in the world. The quality of the products made in Italy is universally acknowledged, being the result of excellent craftsmanship, attention to detail, tradition and creative flair. 

But oftentimes, doing is not enough: you also need to communicate. In his book Narrating Made in Italy, Marco Bettiol explains how the expansion of the markets coincided with the need for companies to come up with new and effective ways of getting across the value of Italian products

In the experience economy, content is indeed an increasingly qualifying aspect, as it contributes associating the product with a specific context of use and original, memorable meanings that distinguish it from the competition.

Let's see the case of OZ Racing, a leading manufacturer in Italy and in the world of light alloy wheels for cars and motorcycles. It has won the challenge of telling the quality of an Italian product, exporting to more than 70 foreign countries.

OZ's strategy


First, a few words about the company: founded in 1971 in Rossano Veneto, it took its name from the initials of its founders, Silvano Oselladore and Pietro Zen, two friends passionate about racing on two and four wheels; they created the first OZ racing light alloy rim in the back of a filling station. 

In the following years OZ products began to be requested in local races as equipment for important private teams, until the birth, in 1984, of the OZ Racing division, when the production of wheels for Formula 1 started. 

Although the world of competitions (Formula 1 and Rally) is the one that gave the company greater visibility in conveying their values, OZ manufactures market products and alloy wheels for urban cars and motorbikes as well. 

Let's get to the point. The complexity of OZ company compared to its competitors comes from two aspects: competition in communication and the real challenge in sales volumes. What is the scenario? Some brands in this sector, mostly American, are very good at communicating, but have little revenue. OZ tries to reach a level of excellence both in the field of communication and in conversions. 

OZ’s strength, in addition to the renowned quality of a product belonging to the prestigious Italian automotive history, relies in the adoption of a multi-brand commercial strategy, conveyed through a multi-channel distribution

OZ operates in four market sectors (Racing, After Market, Motorbike and OES) and its product portfolio includes three different brands (OZ Racing, MSW and Sparco Wheels), whose values are communicated across different channels. Offering a wide range of products led to the unquestionable advantage of meeting the needs of all kinds of customers. The brand's mission is twofold: to innovate, especially in the world of sport, and then to transfer this knowledge to everyday users.


Customer centricity


Although in 95% of cases the product is sold through a middle-man (tyre dealer, specialized shop, etc.), the company understood the importance of interacting directly with the final consumer, the ultimate target of communication. It does this in two steps: 

  • Strengthening of Customer Service processes, including top-down dialogue with the consumer through both corporate touchpoints and the direct interaction with private messages. 
  • Using digital as an opportunity to better listen to the market and to reach as many target people as possible. Through the content it publishes, the brand wants to inspire people and convey its values.

A good example of this are the emotional and informative videos that OZ published on its Youtube channel OZ Racing Wheels, which continues to raise great interest from bloggers working in the sector (and not), becoming viral.