How Saas cuts down IT management costs and takes your business off the ground

Find out why Software-as-a-Service is the right solution for you!

From now on, those who have their heads in the clouds will be one step ahead of the others. Guaranteed!

How, you’ll wonder.

Easily said: several forecasts have predicted that cloud technology will dominate the IT industry by 2020.

As a matter of fact, it is versatile and grants flexibility to the IT services, allowing you to store, memorize and process data by exploiting virtual resources via remote access, with a pay per use formula. This way, the computational load is lifted off your local resources, optimizing costs and performance of the IT infrastructure.

All this without having to face maintenance and updating costs, because unlike on-premises solutions that require supervision from qualified personnel, cloud technologies rely on certified protocols and infrastructures that are constantly being monitored by third parties, in complete outsourcing.


Saas cloud services: the benefits

Let's see together what are in detail the advantages brought by a Saas (Software-as-a-Service) in terms of reducing IT costs:

- low cost adoption: a Saas does not bring about activation costs (or if it does, they’re very low) and allows a company to access all the services it needs without making expensive investments in physical IT infrastructure, paying only for what has been consumed, with a consequent reduction in waste and inefficiencies. It also lets companies try out the solution before purchasing it, using it with real data and real cases. 

- IT outsourcing: managing disaster recovery and system replication strategies to ensure high availability is very costly, and requires internal expertise constantly dedicated to improving and updating the systems, as well as providing redundant IT infrastructures. Adopting a full outsourcing on cloud allows to drastically reduce those costs, provided that the SLAs (Service Level Agreements) are guaranteed.

To give you a practical example: THRON, which is a DAM as-a-Service with cloud services provided by AWS, offers its users an online dashboard, certified by third parties, which shows the status of all services and undergoes a monthly SLA check, an indicator of reliability in performance.

Outsourcing also applies to security, privacy and data processing: as security and privacy management regulations continue to evolve, a company using THRON can maintain control over access and user data without having to bear heavy management costs for proper compliance in this area.

The challenge of modern security is understanding what the anomalous behavior of the systems is (e.g. anomalous traffic, coming in and going out), and to do this AI is a fundamental tool. A simple analogy can be made with spam e-mail: the use of Gmail and/or Office365 leads to a nearly complete disappearance of spam for the users, while companies that manage the mail server internally struggle to keep their antispam up to date, never achieving the same filter quality. In the same way, accessing larger databases allows you to intervene way better in recognizing and managing security attacks.

- Scalable infrastructure: the ability of a system to increase or decrease the performance it offers, according to the actual needs. Solutions like THRON support communication projects regardless of their success: no matter how many visits they receive, the infrastructure will automatically adapt and always live up to the objectives.

Among other things, THRON guarantees a top performance multimedia communication within the company thanks to Multimedia Proxy, which saves internal bandwidth: with this additional module, intranet users can freely employ THRON services without congesting the network itself.

Optimizing the intranet bandwidth usage not only reduces costs but also increases productivity, with faster response times for both "live streaming" events and "on-demand" content distribution.


What about Content Intelligence?

Let's get to the heart of the matter now.

If you want to gain insight on your consumer interests, using a Saas that natively integrates Content Intelligence like THRON allows you to directly access the results the AI has processed, without needing to resort to a team of specialists in data science, or Big Data programmers, rare and expensive resources on the market as they require specific professional training.

It's all in there, at your fingertips on THRON’s online dashboard. Just have a look at the data collected and use it to make your communication more and more in line with the expectations of your audience, then go beyond.

All of this without any intermediary.