How to create 360° Product View with THRON and convert more

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What is the role of 360° product pictures in driving users to convert, and why THRON is the ideal tool to create them.

In this article you will find:

  • Why 360° Product Views are critical
  • How to create them easily with THRON
  • The exclusive advantages of THRON
  • A practical example


The role of 360° Product View in e-commerce


Not being able to touch the goods is the main deterrent to online shopping. Anyone has experienced at least once that situation when, having purchased on the Net, you receive an object that doesn’t meet your expectations.

So how can an e-commerce compete with the store in terms of physical experience and guarantee it to those customers who, like St. Thomas, prefer to see, touch and test a product before buying it?

In fact, a store lets you interact with any product, seeing them from every angle, a thing that the static photos of an e-commerce, however accurate and captivating, cannot render.

For this reason, if you want to be effective online, you need to use 360° Product Views, animations that allow us to rotate and observe the product from all points of view, and even see how it is used.

The user will be able to turn the product at will through the mouse cursor, interacting with it and evaluating it as if it were in the shop.

Instructions for use: 360° Product View with THRON


A 360° Product View consist of a large number of product pictures taken from multiple angles (rotation) or in sequence (animation).

For this reason, the first step is to entrust the photo shoot to a professional who will take several pics with a camera installed on a tripod and a turntable, which will be rotated to show the product in all its views.

A good practice is to prepare about 75 shots for each product, which corresponds to one shot for every 5° of rotation.photoshoot

To combine all those multiple images and give life to the final result, expensive software or additional plug-ins are often required; but if you have THRON, the benefits of the platform include the ability to create 360° Product View directly, without the need to outsource the operation.

Before getting to the heart of the process, it should be noted that THRON is an Enterprise Content Platform, an evolution of the traditional DAM (Digital Asset Management). It is a single archive for all corporate content, which is classified by AI engines and automatically distributed across the various channels, all while measuring its impact on the end user.

It is a complete tool, as it allows you to manage the entire life cycle of content from a single dashboard.

Before creating the playlist of photos that will make up the 360° Product View, upload the individual pics to the platform (by clicking on "+" and then on Media, via PC or FTP).


The next step is to create the 360° Product View playlist by entering the embed code of the images previously uploaded. THRON supports up to 500 shots, but we still suggest to use around 75, to speed up the loading on the page as well.

Once the playlist has been set up, THRON will automatically render the 360° Product View, which can be shared on any corporate channel.



The advantages of using THRON


That’s not all, compared to the main technologies on the market for 360° Product Views, THRON has additional advantages: 

  • The best possible resolution, always

For your 360° Product View, you can upload high definition pictures (even large formats file such as RAW) without worrying about stressing the server infrastructure of the website, because using THRON you avoid:

1) Scalability issues

The website relies on THRON's cloud infrastructure, which can handle traffic peak elastically. The ability to distribute traffic across free network nodes guarantees the maximum loading speed of the page and the content in it.

The 360° images will load smoothly, with no risk of freezing during the use.

2) Compatibility issues

It is no longer necessary to set up different formats of the same image manually, because THRON stores just a single high-resolution version in its archive, and through its integrated CDN, automatically prepares various formats and chooses which one to display on the page, depending on the user’s device and the quality of its connection.

If for example a user is viewing the site from a mobile device, THRON will show them the 360° Product View in the appropriate resolution.

An integrated CDN also means that the distribution of content (on the website, e-commerce…) happens through the same platform that created it, avoiding the need to download and upload it elsewhere. The company can therefore minimize the number of steps needed for the publication of content.

  • Customize the appearance of your 360° Product View

THRON provides a single Universal Player, able to play any type of file.

In addition to saving the costs and inconveniences of having to maintain different players for each file on the page (e.g. Youtube for videos, Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF, etc..), you’ll have the ability to customize the appearance and behavior of the 360 ° Product View from a single control panel.

For technical details, please refer to the Help portal. What’s important is that through the centralized editor of THRON Universal Player, you can create templates that define the experience you want your users to live (through a simple or advanced mode).

You can decide, for example, to create buttons that start the rotation, driving even more the visitor to action.


  • Measure the impact of 360° Product View on your audience

THRON also natively integrates Content Intelligence. With the classification previously made on content, THRON's behavioral engine is able to associate the tags describing the assets to the profiles of the users.

In this way, you obtain a precise dataset on the preferences that they have manifested, in real time. The same applies to 360° Product Views. THRON collects data from every image and presents a complete overview of its performance.

We’ll know where the visitor's eye dwells more, and in the e-commerce page we can put more emphasis on that one aspect of the product. Or use the data collected to enrich the profiles in the CRM, and customize Marketing Automation initiatives with targeted content.

Fashion e-commerce and 360° Product View

A Fashion e-commerce can benefit greatly from the use of 360 ° Product View, because they allow the user to experience the product (and forma better idea of how it will fit) just like in a store.

In a sector like Fashion, where the visual and tactile experience of in-store shopping is often the last step before conversion, the ability to recreate those feelings on digital, bringing together online and offline, clicks and bricks, will lead to a real competitive advantage.

We can see the impact of this type of content on Contarini5, a demo of a fashion e-commerce created by THRON (see here)

The template that was set up is specific for 360° Product Views and allows rotation, without the zooming function. The Player is set to responsive mode, so the image is rendered in an adaptive way on any page. Its dimensions will adapt depending on the device, be it mobile, desktop etc.

We’ll be able to move the product around through the mouse or a touchscreen, to study the shoe from multiple angles and imagine it at our feet. The result is a user whose uncertainties are solved, thus more willing to buy