In the cloud we trust

Why to store and manage your content on the cloud

There's a lot of talk about Artificial Intelligence as a business lever.

But in the urgency of supporting AI-based digital innovation, we leave out an important aspect: enabling it requires considerable costs, including that for storage capacity, computing power and network resources.

Fortunately, there’s a solution that can efficiently and economically meet these needs: it’s the Cloud, a storage space accessible at any time and in any place, through an Internet connection. 

Statistics confirm the goodness of this choice: the global Cloud marketing is thriving. A research carried out by Gartner mentions an annual growth rate of 18.5%, and the Cloud Transformation Observatory of PoliMI confirmed this trend in Italy, where the Cloud market has reached almost 2 billion euros in 2017 (+18% compared to 2016).

The benefits of the Cloud


The Cloud has the advantage of offering almost unlimited computational capacity at an affordable cost even to small and medium businesses which, combined with flexible storage and networking capabilities, allows companies that integrate AI to process millions of pieces of data in real time. 

The Cloud turns out to be, in fact, the ideal paradigm to activate the process of centralization (goodbye, silos!), storage and enhancement of corporate digital assets, with the support of Artificial Intelligence algorithms. 

The standard-bearer of this business model is THRON, a native cloud Saas DAM which makes corporate communication more effective, by optimizing content management and distribution and collecting data about their consumption. 

Forrester's Vendor Landscape as well identifies the Cloud as a key factor, destined to revolutionize the DAM market: SaaS has become unbeatable in offering reliable, scalable and customizable services.

Happiness-as-a-service: THRON

When we talk about the scalability of the Cloud, we refer to systems that can adapt to any need. This is the case with THRON, which is built on a cloud architecture (the provider is AWS), so it can increase or decrease the resources available in case of traffic peaks, just like an elastic that stretches and shortens.

That’s not all of it: think about the centrality of content; the convergence of the DAM with other systems, its capability to "dialogue" with them, is fundamental to optimize the processes related to content life cycle. Forrester indicated this characteristic too as indispensable for new generation DAMs: THRON can be easily integrated with third-party systems, working with both digital assets (CMS and applications) and Intelligence data (CRM, DMP, PIM). 

The third feature mentioned by Forrester is analytics: THRON is the most striking example of how Cloud and AI can get on really well. Its AI not only classifies the assets uploaded to the platform but, through a matching between tags and the profiles of the users who have viewed the content, it can measure content performance across all the channels of the brand. With this, you will know which are the topics and formats that push users to convert the most. 

That's why we can talk about Happiness-as-a-service: a tool like THRON guarantees full control over your communication; and it does so by reducing human effort since the platform, due to its built-in AI engines, automatically classifies content and distributes it across the various channels, adapting it to the format required and the available bandwidth, always ensuring the best resolution.

And, by collecting data on users' interests, it constantly provides new insights to improve and customize your messages!