Intelligent DAM: anatomy of the perfect omnichannel strategy

The Editorial Staff
Content Intelligence Network

Following your consumers nowadays feels a bit like you're playing "Whack-a-Mole".

They visit your garden and there are dozens of holes. Where will they emerge next? You can’t even get closer to them that they have already disappeared underground again, to reappear somewhere else.

infografica-anatomia-strategia-omnicanale-engYet, they must be engaged from start to finish of the buyer's journey. But would you waste your time with a company that can't keep up with you? Obviously not. That's why we need an omnichannel strategy that can integrate online and offline touchpoints, in the name of brand coherence.

But how are things in Italy? 67% of Italians over 14 years of age are multi-channel: thus, digital is part of their purchasing process. But although 95% of companies collect customer data, only 33% customize content depending on the specific user.

The data collected by the Omnichannel Customer Experience Observatory are very clear: rates are low, only one in five companies shows widespread participation and a high commitment level across different company functions in the management of customer experience. As it turns out, the main obstacle to an omnichannel strategy is corporate structure.

We know the technologies supporting omnichannel experience are multiple and constantly evolving but, as the scientific director of the Observatory Raffaello Balocco affirmed, they must be built on three fundamental dimensions:

- a strategy integrated with the company's business goals

- a careful organizational planning of the changes

- a single view of customers, that means a complete and updated “data tank” which will maximize the effectiveness of marketing, sales and customer care activities


Data and Technology: The Intelligent DAM

Among the most advanced tools available there’s the Intelligent Digital Asset Management (DAM), a platform for the management and the "intelligent" analysis of various types of content (audio, text, video, HTML pages, etc.), which ensures consistency in the experience across different channels.

Although being located "downstream" in the data chain, it can be easily integrated with other solutions. For example, it can enrich the CRM with data on the performance of published content. This provides single customer views, where demographic data is added to data about interests, derived from the analysis of how a user approaches content.

However, the value of Intelligent DAM in supporting an omnichannel strategy is not yet perceived: the report shows that content management technologies have not yet captured the attention of companies (only 15% of them use a DAM).


The advantages of adopting it

- A perfect management of your digital assets

As soon as a piece of content is uploaded to the platform, it is examined by the semantic engine that identifies the keywords (tags) that describe it. In this way, your assets will be intelligently stored on a central repository, and their search will definitely be easier and faster.

Before, you couldn’t use what you didn't find. On the contrary, with a DAM you will quickly retrieve any content, enhance corporate assets of any type, organize them in shared workflows, define different access rights for your stakeholders and collaborators. You’ll always have full control over the entire content production process, since any operation on the platform is visible and trackable. Needless to say, the DAM elastic cloud architecture makes resources available on demand, wherever you are.

- Perfect delivery to every channel

Have you ever thought how great would be to use the same asset for different channels, without worrying about dimensions or formats? The Intelligent DAM does just this, with its integrated delivery: it feeds your publishing platform just like a CMS would, but the assets are automatically sorted by channel thanks to Real Time Image Editor. It is a cropping feature that works directly on the platform, so the user doesn’t have to waste time downloading the file, importing it in another editing program, and then uploading it again. Useful, isn't it? This avoids cross-channel brand incoherence: your users will have no more trouble recognizing you (and trusting you). 

- A perfect content analysis for data-driven Marketing strategies

The Intelligent DAM enables content customization: thanks to its behavioral engine, the platform keeps track of all interactions with users, even the anonymous ones. In this way, you’ll know in real time which formats and topics are most engaging, and the user profiles will be enriched with information about their interests. With this, the rules of Marketing Automation are incredibly enhanced, and you will be able to deliver the right piece of content, tailored to the user, at the right time.