Keep control of your content with optimized workflows!

Interview with Natascia Meneghetti, THRON Consultant

Natascia Meneghetti

Which team has never run up against that desperate need to tear their hair out when finding themselves working with content scattered between computers and various systems? The roads that follow their lifecycles are incredibly tortuous and the consequences are a loss of operational efficiency and, especially, a lack of consistency towards users and partners. Since the assets are distributed across a number of platforms, they are not sufficiently integrated into shared workflows.

But there are solutions that, starting out from the centralization of content, offer a platform that guarantees the monitoring of the progress statuses of such content. These platforms follow content from its creation to its approval and publication, intervening on it within shared workflows.

We discuss this with Natascia Meneghetti, THRON Consultant.


Q: Nowadays, with companies managing huge data flows, why is it so important to have the entire content lifecycle under control?

A: Control of the entire content lifecycle is essential to take full advantage of its value: being able to quickly find content, know at any time its approval status, the channels in which it is published or the people who have access to it, and even be able to revoke or change these settings, is a necessary condition to control its consistency both externally and within the company. To do so, however, you need tools that can support us effectively.

The ideal candidate is undoubtedly the Intelligent DAM because the AI engines integrated in its processes are the best ally to put order between the contents: the AI extracts the main information from them in simple and known terms, just those that spring to mind when we look for something, and this ensures a more effective recovery of content. 

And not only that! The information associated by AI together with those that can be added in person to complete them according to marketing objectives, help to know the interests of users and assess the performance of the content. In this way you never lose control over the content, from cataloging to fruition, you collect consistent data and you save time!


Q: Please could you quickly explain how THRON’s automated workflows can help to improve content management processes and what benefits come from them?

A: Imagine having to manage content for a new advertising campaign: we have to collaborate with external agencies to produce images and videos. We also have to manage different company teams to edit and approve such content, and finally check that it is supplied at the right time on the right channel. How many flows can we count? Who is supervising them? How many times has our content been duplicated or renamed? And, perhaps we can’t figure out which version needs to be published or, worse still, if we have published different versions!

In this perspective, saving time and errors becomes simple with THRON's technology that allows you to: 

  1. eliminate duplications by ensuring a single version of the content thanks to the order brought by the AI engines
  2. share the contents respecting the steps deemed necessary with the organization in folders that represent the different phases of the approval process
  3. establish users and groups and their rights of access to content (read-only, edit, etc..) by encouraging a shared collaboration in which you can intervene in the workflow of the right subjects only at the right time and in the manner allowed
  4. always ensure full control over the internal and external shares that have been made by keeping track of the history of actions on each content

If we then add the possibility to manage the sharing of approved content automatically across different channels and the possibility to intervene quickly to update distributed content, by simply updating the version from the platform, we understand that the benefits of adopting THRON do not stop at the simple process of approval. The integrated delivery and the ability to derive data on users' interests from the use of content make it unique within the DAM landscape.


Q: Can you give our readers an example where optimizing working processes with automated workflows has brought significant benefits to the company involved?

A: The optimization of working processes is at the base of any good content management. For this reason, it is one of the first aspects that gets discussed with companies. In some cases, existing processes need to be improved. In others, they need to be created almost from scratch. Either way, the main objectives remain the same: keeping control of content, minimizing user effort, and facilitating sharing with agencies outside of the company.

Depending on the teams involved, the kinds of content and the channels to be managed, the resulting workflows may be more or less structured, but the important aspect to take into account is their dynamism: I need the structure and flows identified to adapt to the evolving needs of the company without creating inflexibility that inevitably leads to leaving the workflow and losing out on the benefits that were presented initially.

THRON's approval and sharing workflows are able to meet the requirements of those companies that need to control the approval process of all content delivered on their channels and to maintain control of product documentation, materials that must always be up to date and easily available in order to be used effectively in support of marketing and sales activities.