Make your content intelligent for customer management

Not just transactions: you need to know what happened before

Davide Chiarotto
Chief Operating Officer @ THRON

Once upon a time, there was the shop. It acted as mediator between the company and the final customer. But the ways people make purchases has been changing, along with the ways to communicate with the potential clients.

Customer Management’s process, if you do it right, is essential to finding new customers and engaging older ones. People need to communicate with the brand. They want to know the story of a company, how products are made, ask questions and find answers. Before, the conversation was held in shops, now, more than ever, it happens over the Internet. This is why your brand has a blog and profiles on different social media channels (where the audience can learn) and then an e-commerce space (where people can finally become customers).


Yes, but do it right!

We mean… as efficiently as possible.

Now-a-days brands have become editors, so that the customer journey is more appealing and pleasant. It won’t work well if we focus just on our company principles or our own philosophy.

Let’s think about our audience!

Through digital experience brands can broaden their customer-base, but how can they maximize efficiency? It is necessary for the vision of your company to evolve, with the help of a strategy advisor, so that your company can change and adapt itself in real time to customers’ needs. On the other hand, there is also something in it for you: brands can gain all the possible value from the interaction between them and the audience.

You should think data-driven, but remember that data are people

What if we start looking at our website views not as numbers, but as real people (which they are)?

Every view is a person, with their own ideas, desires and believes. Wouldn’t it be beautiful and useful to know exactly what does this person thinks and wants right now?

They wouldn't be just users anymore, they would be John, Peter and Rose and entering a website would be like entering our shop and our company. They wouldn’t find a shop assistant there: they would find us, the people who created the brand, who make the products; we would be able to speak directly with them, we could even give them answers before they ask something.

Efficient Customer Management is possible if management procedures and technologies are structured exactly to maximize the results.

E-commerce and blogs are not enough anymore. Don't panic! No revolution is needed, just keep calm and try to avoid confusion.

It is important that our message is coherent, relevant and tailored to individuals. Moreover, if every person uses different channels, or one person uses more simultaneously, it should not be a problem.

The business model should guarantee the unified view of the customers to the company and a superior Customer Experience to the users.

Technology is here to help you.

Content Intelligence makes your Customer Management better

Content Intelligence software offer you the right solution to make the technological change, together with and supporting the strategic one. Moreover, with them you will be able to get high-value information from users’ behavior.

Your brand will be able to follow, step-by-step, every person’s journey. It will help them when they want to choose a product or a service; provide them with information, without sending irrelevant CTAs, that can create confusion. Who has never dreamt of entering a shop and finding someone who knows what fits you best?

Now it is possibile to show people what reflects their interests. Their real interests, not the supposed ones!

More than possibile, actually, reality.

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