Media Intelligence to Free Content’s Potential

Media Intelligence to Free Content’s Potential

Pietro Biglia
Digital Marketer @L'Eco della Stampa

Media Intelligence and Content Intelligence are two concepts with many aspects in common. Starting out from two different types of content, they find common ground in the communication and marketing strategies of those brands that are most sensitive to their media reputations.

Content Intelligence is an increasingly important resource for brands. Speeding up internal processing, production and publication processes for content that is relevant to their audiences is more important now than it ever has been in the past.

Social media proves that publishing a post at the perfect time is almost more important than the message itself that we want to convey.

This is especially true for those who already benefit from a significant online visibility.

Let’s consider the ongoing debate on the relationship that Italy should maintain with the European Union. All the figures who influence public opinion, positively or negatively, do not look to traditional media to transmit their messages.

It is clear that these same figures appreciate the rapidity, immediacy and effective nature of the new means, which they also feel they have a high level of control over. With Tweets or live Facebook streaming, they can independently choose their topics and the best time to intervene.

If this happens in the world of politics, then why aren’t we coming across the same behavior in the world of business? Or is it already happening?

But let’s go in order.

Let’s start out from the assumption that our relationship with brands is now comparable to the one we have with people.

As in any interpersonal relationship, listening plays an extremely important part. Being judged is inevitable when choosing to communicate.

We do not have the power of veto over the opinion that is formed of our brand in the media. We can also decide to ignore it. However, up until now, there have been few cases where this has proved to be the right path to follow.

By listening, we have the opportunity to collect all the information we need to speak a “friendly” language with the most relevant audience for us.

Which communication and marketing support solution is most similar to the human listening phase?

Media monitoring of the entire media at 360 degrees.

Media monitoring is the process of collecting and organizing all the content that has appeared in print and on the radio, television, web and social media concerning our brand, figures or topics. Content is found thanks to search keys and semantic systems, starting out from a detailed customer brief.

You will certainly have heard of press reviews, radio and television monitoring, or social media monitoring.

Essentially, they are lists of results that are certainly indicative for those who have limited communication resources, but are decidedly reductive for brands and public figures who benefit from a certain visibility.

When we find ourselves talking to someone who appears to be listening but is not really interested in our opinion, they inevitably leave a bad impression on us.

This is also true for corporate communication: it is not enough to collect quotes and posts if they are not then organized into a useful system to achieve a real understanding of our reputation.

As a matter of fact, the way in which the content from the monitoring of the entire media is discerned may already be a first step to understanding it.

Let’s take the example of monitoring for a clothing brand. The automatic organization of content based on the subject matter already implies a discreet knowledge of the business concerned.

So, we could have a section regarding the content of the brand itself, a section containing content dedicated to specific types or models of clothes, a section dedicated to content concerning management, and so on.

If we think that monitoring the press and the web for a top brand in this industry results in the collection of 400 articles a day, the importance of a professional media monitoring service is evident.

To this extent, the entire organization must be geared towards listening. Mechanisms that simplify the collection of messages must be set up.

Going back to the human sphere, we could compare this organization to our body’s posture during a conversation. It already indicates a more or less pronounced interest.

Posture, gaze and a mental framework that is suited to the working context we find ourselves in facilitate the understanding of any discourse.

Even though everything happens very quickly in a live setting, when we go home on an evening, we think about the most interesting conversations we had during the day.

Thanks to machine learning, advanced semantic systems and image recognition, monitored content can now be analyzed instantly to obtain the most important metrics and information from large volumes of content.

This is Media Intelligence.

It is as though we were able to stop time during a business meeting to collect everyone’s positions and prepare a suitable answer.

But, obviously, our aim is to arrive at the meeting already prepared. On the contrary, communications and marketing managers should be ready to surprise everyone with irrefutable data that point us in the direction to be followed.

With a cross-media Media Intelligence service, it really is possible to keep an eye on the development of all the most important metrics for the definition of your online and offline reputation.

The fundamental requirement is to start out from a monitoring service that covers the entire media in a thorough and reliable way. Only by doing so can we avoid having a partial or contradictory analysis compared with the reality of the situation.

With the Intelligence product, L’Eco della Stampa, a company specialized in online and offline media monitoring, helps brands to keep their reputation under control in full autonomy and across the entire media.

It is almost a magic wand for communications and marketing managers who can now analyze performances, correct strategies and receive an immediate response. From this point of view, Media Intelligence is allied and complemented by Content Intelligence.