Mobile working and cloud computing: the perfect combination?

An in-depth look at how cloud computing enables smart working, allowing you to work better and to be more productive.

In recent years there has been a lot of talk about mobile working, a way of working that allows you to perform your tasks anywhere, on the move, from home, from any place other than your fixed workstation.

It has certainly brought many advantages, first of all for workers, who save money and time – as they’re no longer forced to move by car or other means of transportation - and who can better reconcile their work commitments and private life. It is growing not only in large companies but also in small/medium enterprises and public administration. Mobile working also brings benefits for the company, which will see the productivity and efficiency of its employees increase.

Remote work is made possible by technological innovations: the Internet, smartphones and mobile apps play a fundamental role by allowing the controlled sharing of data and projects. Among these innovations, cloud computing is also a great help.


Why working on the cloud?

The cloud gives the possibility to manage workers and work itself through the network. In recent years the growth of the cloud proceeded on par with that of mobile working in Italy, which registered a +20%. The cloud – just like mobile working - allows people to manage their activities, as well as the relationship with customers, at a distance. Other sectors influenced by the use of the cloud are accounting, human resources management and the storage of corporate data.

Both cloud computing and mobile working have a strong impact on people's mobility: goodbye fixed place at the desk, now any place with an optimal internet connection that allows you to stay connected can become your workplace. This radical transformation has prompted many companies to invest in cloud software, especially for management and consumer relationship management.

The approach of this software is very simple: through your personal account you can access the program that the company needs without having to install it, and without downloading the files and the application on your device.

So an employee can access the management software from home, a marketing expert can use content and analysis platforms, and so on. Payments, resources and personnel can also be managed in the cloud, of course protecting the connection with equally useful digital tools, such as VPNs, very often also on sale

The market is naturally influenced by technological innovations, and there is no doubt that thanks to these, more and more smart and digital realities will emerge.