OVS and the Shopping Experience revolution

OVS provides its customer an easy and immediate Digital Shopping Experience, in which content play a fundamental role.

For a media planning in line with the needs of today's consumers, digital takes on an important role. It enables us to offer transparency to customers who want to be aware of their purchasing decisions.

OVS, the leading Italian brand in fast fashion retail, has distinguished itself in the integration of online and offline experience. It offers its customers a 360° shopping experience. Intelligent dressing rooms, interactive kiosks, click&collect and proximity marketing services (fashion messages), apps, contactless payments are just some of the innovations introduced in recent years.

The company was brick&mortar born, but it decided to believe in omni-canality in order to follow the more than 14 million customers who use multiple communication channels, accompanying them in their natural path.

The investment in online also aims to reinforce the performance of offline sales, and that can be achieved by satisfying the customers with an integrated experience.

The Digital Personal Shopper


Monica Gagliardi, head of brand marketing, e-commerce and communication at OVS, presented the recently launched project at the Netcomm Forum.

The initiative started with a rethinking of sales methods in order to accelerate the purchasing process of an average, busy customer (e.g. a mother). Since people typically have little time, it was thought to facilitate their experience with a service called Digital Personal Shopper. At the moment it is only active in Milan, on a selection of stores, and only for a female target (70% of OVS customers are women).

The idea comes from the union of different elements: the first is OVS’ very wide assortment that is not always visible on the shelves due to space limitations. Exploring it online it’s easier, but the customer needs recommendations and style advice to help them not to get lost in the ocean of offers.

According to the philosophy of OVS, style is a value belonging to everyone and the brand must become an advisor itself. For this reason, stylists have been asked to monthly select style combinations that reflect the current trend from the OVS assortment. Trends are obviously dictated by high fashion, but they are reviewed in a new, fresher key.

As a customer, you can enter the site (either from mobile or desktop), browses these galleries and pick up the stylist's suggestions with the combinations you would like to try on. Once you have chosen the products, you can define the time and shop that are most convenient to you. Finally, a personal assistant will be waiting for you in the store, and the clothes you have chosen online will already be in the dressing room.

From retailer to boutique, it was a short step. Digital may not provide a one-to-one assistant for every customer, but it offers the opportunity to customize the experience. Through the content suggested by the style advisors on the website, a customer can make the selection from home and try it on comfortably in the store when it best suits them. The fast fashion experience is therefore similar to that of a boutique, and the goal is to increase conversion rates.

The role of content

The newly launched project is one of many ways in which OVS uses innovative and useful content to strengthen the dialogue with the customers and make them live unique style experiences.

The management and delivery of assets (photos, videos, articles, etc.) across the various digital channels is carried out through the centralized platform THRON, which ensures the brand control over the entire content production chain, while allowing the various parties involved (e.g. creative agencies, stylists, etc.) to intervene in the various steps according to specific rights.

Another aspect of which OVS, being a popular brand, takes great account is the investment in user experience.

The site must be an easy access point for everyone, and the user must not get lost in its coils: from optimizing loading times, to designing web pages with customer-centric content, the strategies adopted by OVS in this regard are all aimed at user satisfaction.