Physical retail and digital journey: how to unify customer experience

Unifying the experience through content: an in-depth research on retail that will explain how to implement an integrated strategy bringing together physical store and digital channels.


When we talk about customer journey, we assume that it has not begun with the customer entering the store, but way earlier. In the past, a consumer used to view the salesman as an expert, to guide them in their choice, but now we are faced with buyers who are already quite aware and well informed.

In the pre-purchase evaluation, digital channels are clearly gaining in popularity. The smartphone, now an extension of our arm, allows us to search for information on the move and in real time, and this has naturally encouraged mobile navigation.

"Push" communication, on the contrary, is increasingly distrusted by users, who prefer to double-check information sources, putting in first place the opinions of other users (reviews, social media comments, etc.).

In the retail trade, the last step of the distribution chain, products have already traveled between manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers and it’s difficult to map the customer journey, as the pre-purchase phases of it took place outside of the store.

There is therefore a need to unify experiences, and retailers can do this thanks to the content they publish on their digital channels.


In this free whitepaper we'll see:

  • Digital Transformation in retail, what has changed
  • The importance of understanding content (and the people who will use it)
  • How to synchronize channels to get a single overview of the customer
  • How digitally collected data increases in-store sales

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