Strengthen E-Commerce with Intelligent Photo Shoots

How E-Photo is taking advantage of Content Intelligence

Content, like photography, has become a vehicle for leads and conversions on e-commerce websites, in an environment saturated with products and offers, where showing the basic product is no longer enough.

In this context, my business partners, Roberta Pirisino and Giulia Ghiazza, and I founded E-photo, a photo shoot agency specialized in product photography for fashion brands, for which we end up producing as many as 700,000 photos per year.

The need that presented itself to us was to offer high-quality photographs, but within the logic of industrial production, which complied with the speed and efficiency required by the market. Besides that, these photographs had to also please the audience.

Indeed, our project comes in the midst of a radical change. Product photography used in e-commerce has taken on a precise role: it must capture the attention of the user who is distracted by the vast ocean of offers that surround them. In order to do so, it must strike an emotive chord.

Furthermore, e-commerce is now considered in the same way as retail stores. Consumers expect to have the same purchasing experience online that they get in-store; in particular, they want to find all the same products (or even more).

The digital window display, however, is made up of many phases. We manage the entire life cycle of the content we produce, from the design to the execution of the photo shoot and the editing phase. Using shared tools and speeding up production and approval flows was an urgency that could not be ignored. Besides that, to create content that would excite and encourage the user to convert, it was useful to collect data on their tastes and interests, to understand how to react in the creation of each new photo shoot.

Content Intelligence, with its centralization and organization of content on the one hand, and its Artificial Intelligence on the other, has offered the way to help us make the photo shoot processes more efficient. It will also be a great support in the creation of new content.

In the interview, I go into detail about our experience.

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