Why synchronize your CMS with THRON

Find out how you can make life easier for your editors with CMS connectors

Building compelling experiences on your websites is not easy: redundant work processes, slow loading pages, content that can’t be found. Read about these and other reasons why you need to synchronize your CMS with THRON in our free e-book.

Whether it's used to build a blog, a company website or an e-commerce, today's CMSs (Content Management System) are the first choice, because they allow a user to edit content on their own, without requiring a deep knowledge of web coding

The speed of business processes must translate into communication speed: the site, which is the business card of a company, undergoes frequent updating operations to keep up with market needs. Sites that can be updated in a few clicks, without needing the intervention of an expert, are strategic.

But the resources stored in a CMS database can rapidly get messy: they are not unique, not easy to find and not organized, as they are not dynamically related to each other. Several versions of the same piece of content may exist, scattered on different systems, and several different actors may be working on them in never-ending, unrelated workflows.

Spreading a consistent message both on the site and on the other corporate channels is no easy task, as web editors know full well. Their processes are slowed down by the long search for the right version of each file, just to mention one.

Systems such as CMSs usually rely on serverside scripting languages (e.g. PHP) which consume huge amounts of resources (CPU, RAM, I/O latency). The pages of a site with a lot of traffic load slowly, especially if they contain high quality multimedia content, because the browser takes longer to download all that data.

Unsatisfactory browsing experiences are just around the corner. You need an external distribution network that prevents your site from overloading.

Your CMS should feed on a single source of truth, that centralizes content and distributes it across all channels, speeding up the work of web editors.

In this free whitepaper we analyze the reasons why connecting your CMS to the THRON Content Platform brings sensible advantages in terms of:

  • centralized content management
  • technological simplification
  • web performance optimization
  • content ROI measurement