Why is updating the content on your websites so vital?

The Editorial Staff
Content Intelligence Network

Do you know your website could be full of dead content walking? No fear, it's nothing serious!

Are you familiar with that sense of abandonment that invades you whenever you land on a corporate website that is not very up to date, with the latest published news that date back a year before at least?

Don't let your shop window fill up with dust and cobwebs. The website of a company, as reported by the Italian Observatory on e-Business, is considered by users the most reliable source to turn to.

But in order to be that, it must be perceived as a living organism, which grows together with the company, or else it will leave a very poor impression. A good solution is a periodic operation of refresh, or content update.

All companies own a priceless amount of digital assets (photos, videos, documents, articles, etc.) whose production has required time and money. So why not give that content a new life?

If properly structured, it will keep giving precise answers to the users’ needs, bringing traffic to the bitter end. In other words, it will become immortal content that convert again and again.


The reasons for doing that

You may have noticed that quality content keeps being shared, linked, clicked, months and years after its publication.

But it shouldn't just be left there, in the hope that search engines will find it. Its visibility must be increased through constant updating over time, because:

  • You’ll optimize your resources by making the best out of what you already own, thus saving time and money that you would otherwise spend on creating new content. Once you have your material ready, you can focus on other aspects (tutorials etc.) to make user experience even better.
  • You’ll avoid search engine algorithmic penalties, which favor fresh content: in fact, whenever different sources on the same subject occur, Big G will give priority to publications with the most recent date. Moreover, it is essential to review (and possibly merge) similar pieces of content on your website, because the engines may perceive them as duplicates and lower their ranking.
  • If you want your website to really be useful to your users, you have to keep up with their needs (that may change over time). What you used to write four years ago is not necessarily what they need now. And we know that the more they are engaged, the more likely they will decide to buy your products or services.


The tool you need

Managing this refreshment process may not be that simple; a tool like the Intelligent DAM can give you the right support.

Thanks to powerful Machine Learning algorithms, this platform can understand and classify all the uploaded assets, by labeling them with metadata about their editorial characteristics. What are the practical benefits of this?

  • A centralized, single hub where corporate content is collected allows you to structure its life cycle in shared workflows: in this way, each internal team or external collaborator, can contribute to it and update it (in alignment with the permissions you assigned).
  • The Identity Management and Audit functionalities provide you a clear picture of the content creation process: you know precisely who made what, and when, so you can track editors and ask them to make changes, if needed.
  • Within this AI-organized archive, if you need specific assets you’ll just have to type the desired topic in the search string, and the Intelligent DAM search engine will retrieve everything your brand has published about it across the platform and your front-end channels. In this way, you’ll always have an eye on all the material available, with an easier understanding of where and how to intervene. 
  • With the rationalization made by AI you’ll just need a single version of each piece of content: whenever you need to update it, in just a click it will automatically be replaced across all channels.
  • You’d best focus on the content with the best traffic performance: the Intelligent DAM natively integrates Content Intelligence, which analyzes the editorial features of your assets (topics, formats, etc.), which ones your users are most interest in, and what performed best in driving them through the buyer's journey. At this point, you can adjust old content to tailor it on the new interests of the users, in real time.
  • Often when updating a website, there’s the issue of the CMS source code which lays in the hands of external web agencies, with considerable delays due to the need of asking for their intervention every time. An Intelligent DAM like THRON provides a single multimedia player, so you can manage the entire Content Experience and easily integrate it with any CMS. In this way, the brand has always full control over everything that is published.