Why the Intelligent DAM is your soulmate

The 12 signals that indicates you have found it


When you finally found your soulmate, the technological tool to share your working life happily ever after with, extraordinary things start happening. No, we are not talking about the phenomenology of love so dear to literature, nor about wild heartbeats and butterflies in the stomach, but of a mutual synergy resulting into a deep working affinity, which leads to ever higher quality performances. We won’t give you a manual on how to find your soulmate, but we can teach you how to recognize it. If it meets the twelve requirements listed below, it means yes, you have found it!



1) You feel a strong sense of familiarity when you meet it, as if you had always known it

An Intelligent DAM like THRON provides you with a single, centralized editor (Content Experience Manager) that allows you to 360° customize the appearance and behavior of the content shared from the platform according to the users you want to show it to. 


2) You feel like it completes you, and you are utterly at ease

The Intelligent DAM is easy to integrate with your existing corporate infrastructure, so you can maximize the impact on your business processes and enjoy the benefits right away. THRON currently offers extensions and connectors to minimize integration time and costs, such as a universal plug-in for the main browsers which lets you access your media library without leaving your CMS.


3) It knows what you like and would do anything to give you personalized gifts

The Intelligent DAM natively integrates Content Intelligence. All corporate content is classified through Artificial Intelligence with keywords identifying its topics and features, and later it is associated with each single user (even the anonymous one) who has viewed them. By using this tool, which can extract data from the analysis of user behavior in relation to content, you can precisely create a personalized experience.


4) You can easily imagine your future together

Speaking about Content Intelligence, being able to measure content performance allows you to identify the most successful topics, formats and channels and define editorial strategies accordingly, maximizing future conversions. And if you were to have an unexpected event (they happen!), no problem: data is collected in real time so you are always in time to make adjustments!


5) It’s good with your friends too

With the Intelligent DAM shared workflows, you can manage the entire content lifecycle (from creation to publishing), favoring the collaboration across different corporate teams and with external collaborators, definitively breaking down content silos.




6) It’s always there when you need it

A single hub where to centralize all corporate content makes it very easy to retrieve (and thus reuse) it via search strings. THRON's intelligent search engine not only meets the needs of the platform users, but also enables end users, your customers, to search across all your channels. By the way, it also proves very usable, thanks to auto-completion and auto-correction systems.


7) It’s not afraid of calling things by their true name

Whatever the nature of content (audio files, videos, HTML pages etc.), are automatically classified by Artificial Intelligence engines, through tags that make them highly searchable and reusable over time. To make tagging even more precise, you can provide the system with a specific taxonomy (tag dictionary) of your brand. 


8) It can handle heavy situations

With the support of features such as Multimedia Proxy, the Intelligent DAM can quickly transfer your high quality content across different domains without affecting your company’s intranet (on the contrary, it improves its performance!). The platform can "support" up to 200,000 connections per second, and that is excellent in the event of a double need to enjoy live and on-demand content, which are usually heavier.


9) It won't complain when you ask it to take you shopping, but it will help you

Product information is central to the construction and management of e-commerce. A platform like the Intelligent DAM, able to classify content by using product information (such as the SKUs or product features), and integrating them with your PIM, is really useful!


10) It makes you find everything precisely in the right place

The Intelligent DAM has an integrated delivery. What does that mean? By centralizing all content on a single platform, you will remove duplications, so every piece of content exists in a single version, which is automatically adapted to the specific requirements of each channel when it is distributed, saving you a lot of time and guaranteeing high performance.


11) It would take you to the end of the world, even to China

It ensures you the highest delivery performance, even in China. It will spare you of the bureaucratic burden of obtaining an ICP license, simplifying content distribution in China. 


12) It would never look at someone else because it knows it doesn’t have the right to do so.

The Intelligent DAM’s Identity Management and Audit features lets you assign different access and edit rights to users and keep track of their behavior within the system.

Isn’t your heart beating faster already?


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