How do you take part?

It’s easy!

The Content Intelligence Network’s content and initiatives are free and accessible from the website without you having to log in.

Users who want to sign up are able to access additional services (still free!)

  • Exclusive events and webinars
  • Scientific research and white papers
  • Specialized e-books
  • Weekly newsletters
  • Possibility to send their own articles to be published.


What information is required to register?

To register, you just have to insert your first name, surname and e-mail address.


What topics and subject matters are dealt with in the Content Intelligence Network?

Within the Content Intelligence Network, topics linked to Content Intelligence are dealt with, as well as those linked to its various applications in companies and to business areas involved with it.

To give an example, here are some areas of interest:

  • Protecting brand consistencythat is to say maintaining its image and voice tone aligned across all channels.  
  • Accelerating lead generation and perfecting content marketing initiatives, offering interesting and more and more personalized content to attract more people to your channels. 
  • Improving content strategy effectiveness, analyzing which usage users do of your content in order to modify your editorial strategy and make it more effective. 
  • Personalizing the customer experience, enriching the experience people do of your brand, building customer loyalty.
  • Improving e-commerce performance, making it a place that offers a complete experience that differentiates it from others online shops. 
  • Strengthening customer management processes, making them more fluid and effective, so that the customer satisfaction improves, too. 
  • Enriching the business intelligence database with first-party data, providing a complete view of the company's performance and orienting future choices.
  • Making marketing processes efficient and developing them internally, automating them, so that teams can focus on the definition of their strategy. 
  • Protecting corporate digital know-how, that represents a valuable competitive advantage.
  • Improving interaction with contacts obtained through social networks, integrating their profiling with information coming from other channels, in order to increase engagement. 


Content is considered that deals with the abovementioned topics or that has a more general affinity with the use of data generated from digital content application.


Who can propose content in the Content Intelligence Network?

Anyone can propose content or initiatives, provided that they relate to Content Intelligence, or to the environments linked with it, and that they respect the guidelines provided here. The contributors might be

  • Freelancers
  • Technology enthusiasts in general
  • Strategic consulting companies
  • End users
  • Digital and web agencies
  • System integrators
  • Technology vendors
  • Anyone who wants to share their experiences on how to utilize the data generated by content use.


In which languages is content available?

The content is available in English and Italian.


What kind of content will I find in the Content Intelligence Network?

Original or syndicated content, which respects the ownership rights of third parties.

Formats available are:

  • Articles
  • White papers
  • Podcasts or audiobooks
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • Workshops
  • Road shows


What content is not allowed in the Content Intelligence Network?

  • Content that has no affinity with Content Intelligence topics or with the use of data generated by content
  • Product presentations
  • Generic website pages
  • Advertising content
  • Content created for lead generation
  • Links to affiliate and tracking URLs
  • Press releases
  • Content present on websites outside that require a log-in
  • Content that violates copyright


How should content be structured to be in line with the Content Intelligence Network’s style?

  • The general aim of the content must be clear and explicit.
  • The content’s target must be defined.
  • The content must respect the guidelines and refer to one of the Content Intelligence topic sections or to the “incoming topic” section.
  • The content must have a strong point to take away; it must not be an end in itself but must offer the user added value.
  • The content must educate and inspire, not sell.
  • It is useful for the content to provide concrete examples, to make its appreciation easier for the user.
  • Where possible and useful, it may be enhanced with photo and/or videos to support the text.
  • It may contain links to other content, inside or outside, provided that they are related to the subject matter dealt with.


If you would like to propose content for publication, you will find all the relevant information on how to provide us with the material and the information it should be accompanied by on the Submit your story page.


Do you have any questions?